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49th Parahell

Oct 9, 2018

In episode 15 of 49th Parahell, I talk about the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, America's point of no return and the IPCC climate change report, then Ricochet's Ethan Cox joins me to break down last week's Quebec election.


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Oct 2, 2018

This week I talk about Brett Kavanaugh and how the current political moment has turned me into a reluctant accelerationist. Then writer Aubrey Sitterson tells me about his new Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling, how the One True Sport can help us understand politics, and his journey from teen reactionary dirtbag...

Sep 24, 2018

This week on 49th Parahell, I make an attempt to take a truly ludicrous amount of news and shape it into a coherent & insightful introduction. Then Kathleen Gudmundsonn of Quebec Solidaire joins the show to share her fascinating political journey, the rise of the far right in Canada and the US, and what Quebec...

Sep 17, 2018

This week on 49th Parahell, I try to make amends for personally deleting The Great Awakening reddit community by presenting some of my own research that I think followers of QAnon might be interested in. Then VICE's Robert Wheel joins the show to talk about the NY election, Nixon/Cuomo, Salazar, the IDC and...

Sep 7, 2018

This week on 49th Parahell, Sam Knight of the District Sentinel joins the show to go over a wacky week in American news, which featured stoned Elon Musk, drama at the Supreme Court hearings, the mystery NYT op-ed, Colin Kaepernick’s Nike deal and more.


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